Hill Street Properties

Raider Hill serves as exclusive real estate advisor to Hill Street Properties LLC (FKA Toys R Us Propco I) providing day-to-day operational oversight including the execution of all leasing, redevelopment, and disposition activities for the portfolio. The properties include building leases, ground leases, and fee simple owned buildings. Raider Hill is currently in active discussions with developers, investors, retailers and other non-retail end users in order to maximize the value of the portfolio. Interested parties are encouraged to contact representatives from Raider Hill identified with each property listing via the property listing link below. Downloadable property lists are also available in the links below.

Available Properties   |   Property List - PDF  |   Property List - Excel


How can I obtain information about individual assets?
Please contact Raider Hill directly.

Which assets are available for sale and which are available for lease?
All assets are available both for sale and for lease.

Is Raider Hill serving as a broker for Hill Street Properties?
No, Raider Hill is not a broker.

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