Sustainability & ESG

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their ESG goals.
Within the retail real estate sector, we partner with investors, operators, and retailers to achieve their sustainability goals. We are embedding sustainability into the foundations of our business, with the intention of advancing the advent of a more sustainable future for real estate and creating long-term value for our clients and stakeholders. Doing so serves as an organic extension of our capabilities and is imperative to delivering the maximum positive impact as an investor and advisor.

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The Importance of Sustainability

Climate change will be a defining, secular trend in commercial real estate, presenting multi-variate challenges and opportunities for decades to come. As the driver of approximately 40% of total global emissions, real estate is a critical lever to achieving sustainability and decarbonization ambitions.

Growing stakeholder pressures and the intensifying physical consequences of a changing climate will further accelerate related shifts in the real estate industry, influencing tenants’ and investors’ demands, asset valuations, and changing fundamental approaches to developing and operating real estate. These shifts will simultaneously unlock new avenues of competitive differentiation, value creation, and business resiliency.

Given the consumer-driven nature of retail real estate and its overall impact on global markets, the sector is at the forefront of these dynamics and will be a leading catalyst for establishing ESG best-practices across all real estate sectors.

Our Commitment

We are committed to fundamentally shaping and advancing sustainability across the real estate value chain. Our aspiration is to be a preeminent partner at the intersection of real estate and sustainability and ESG. We are dedicated to serving as an advisor and thought leader for clients across all facets of operation, from boardroom to construction site. We do so by conjoining our extensive network with our unparalleled knowledge and transactional expertise and delivering it to clients to drive sustainable innovation, growth, and resilience in real estate.

“Climate change and ESG considerations are increasingly defining the state of commercial real estate and will serve as secular trends for the space. Effectively strategizing for the climate transition now will unveil new dimensions of opportunity and value going forward. We are excited about our shared aspiration with clients and stakeholders to drive change towards a more sustainable future.”

Lukas Ceseña, Director of Sustainability

Lukas Ceseña