Sustainability Solutions

We are focused on driving sustainable outcomes

Within the real estate sector, we partner with investors, operators, and retailers to support the achievement of sustainable outcomes. We serve as a strategic advisor across all facets of real estate investment and operations, focused on producing real value for our clients through fundamental and operationally-aligned strategies. We believe that effective and thoughtful approaches to sustainability drive outcomes that are non-concessionary.

Our focus on sustainability serves as an organic extension of our capabilities and is imperative to delivering the maximum positive impact as an investor and advisor. We seek to help our clients deliver commercial value as the climate transition continues to have transformational impacts across the real estate ecosystem.

The Climate Transition in Real Estate

The climate transition is a defining, secular trend in commercial real estate that will present multi-variate challenges and opportunities for decades to come. As the driver of approximately 40% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, real estate is a critical lever to achieving decarbonization imperatives and positive climate progress.

Growing stakeholder pressures and the intensifying physical consequences of a changing climate will further accelerate related shifts in the real estate industry, influencing tenants’ and investors’ demands, asset valuations, and changing fundamental approaches to developing and operating real estate. These shifts will simultaneously unlock new avenues of competitive differentiation, value creation, and business resiliency.

“The climate transition and pursuit of a more sustainable economy are increasingly defining the state of commercial real estate and creating a new frontier of opportunities across the ecosystem. Effectively strategizing for and capitalizing on the evolution now will unlock new dimensions of value going forward. We are excited about our shared ambition with clients and stakeholders to drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.”

Lukas Ceseña – Director, Special Situations and Sustainability

Lukas Ceseña